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Weather is perpetual in the state of the atmosphere. All flying takes place in the atmosphere, so flying and weather are inseparable. Therefore, we cannot treat aviation weather purely as an academic subject. Throughout the book, we discuss each aspect of weather as it relates to aircraft operation and flight safety. However, this book is in no way an aircraft operating manual. Each pilot must apply the knowledge gained here to his own aircraft and flight capabilities.

The authors have devoted much of the book to marginal, hazardous, and violent weather which becomes a vital concern. Do not let this disproportionate time devoted to hazardous weather discourage you from flying. By and large, weather is generally good and places little restriction on flying. Less frequently, it becomes a threat to the VFR pilot but is good for IFR flight. On some occasions it becomes too violent even for the IFR pilot.

It behooves every pilot to learn to appreciate good weather, to recognize and respect marginal or hazardous weather, and to avoid violent weadier when the atmosphere is on its most cantankerous behavior. For your safety and the safety of those with you, learn to recognize potential trouble and make sound flight decisions before it is too late. This is the real purpose of this manual.

AVIATION WEATHER is in two parts. Part I explains weather facts every piiot should know. Part II contains topics of special interest discussing high altitude, Arctic, tropical, and soaring weather. A glossary defines terms for your reference while reading this or other weather writings. To get a complete operational study, you will need in addition to this manual a copy of AVIATION WEATHER SERVICES, AC 00-45, which is explained in the Preface.

We sincerely believe you will enjoy this book and at the same time increase your flying safety and economy and, above all, enhance the pleasure and satisfaction of using today's most modem transportation.

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